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Rick Sanchez in an episode of Rick & Morty, walking through a field.

Image: Adult Swim

Throughout Rick & Morty’s near decade-long existence, the titular duo (both voiced by Justin Roiland) have only gotten into bigger, stranger interdimensional adventures. Each episode made it clear—if it weren’t already glaringly obvious, I mean—how messed up the power Rick has over his grandson actually is. And every season has ended with some kind of shift in their dynamic, with season five ending on the pair having a fight that doesn’t like it can be willed away out of existence.

With season six a little over a month away, it’s the time to start dropping promos. The first tease of the new season is short, but offers some pretty interesting teases about where things will be going for this year’s batch of episodes. Naturally, the most interesting scene of the bunch is Eyepatch Morty taking a yellow portal gun and going through it to find a universe where Rick isn’t the smartest person around. After all, when you’ve left “an infinite crib built around an infinite fucking baby,” you can’t help but explore what else is out there.

[adult swim] – Rick and Morty Season 6 Extended Promo

Speaking of Eyepatch Morty, Adult Swim also released a brief tease of some…thing growing in an egg inside the Citadel as it’s about to to blown up during season five’s finale. Set to Eyepatch Morty’s theme, a version of ”For The Damaged Coda” by Blonde Redhead, the tease links back to the show’s website, which itself is counting down to both the show’s September 4 return and something called “Wormageddon.”

Given how…chaotic an episode of Rick & Morty can get, a big-ass worm being born as a space station is about to blow up feels about what you’d expect. What’ll be interesting to see is if the worm will show up beyond this one episode as a gag or become a bigger issue for the characters later in the series. With this show, you really can’t tell until someone announces a spinoff or it just gets gruesomely murdered.

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