Sci-Fi Short About a Strange Encounter in Deep Space Leave a comment

An avatar on a spaceship screen in short film Carrier.

In deep space, a pilot goes through her routine with very little enthusiasm; when offered the chance to name a new planet, she just jams her finger on the “Y” key until the letter fills the submission box. Ho-hum. But when she encounters something unusual among the stars, she remembers why she’s out there in the first place.

That’s the simple but sweet tale that propels Carrier, a short film by Thomas Saville that had its online premiere on sci-fi YouTube outlet Dust earlier this month. Check it out!

Sci-Fi Short Film “Carrier” | DUST | Online Premiere

A space whale is the last creature you’d expect to encounter out in the middle of intergalactic nowheresville—but what a nice surprise it turns out to be.

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