‘Spider-Man: Freshman Year’ Hits Disney Plus in 2024 Leave a comment

Disney Plus animated series Spider-Man: Freshman Year will be released in 2024, Marvel revealed during its animation panel at San Diego Comic-Con on Friday. The show follows a young Peter Parker in his earliest days as the Marvel Cinematic Universe‘s Spider-Man, and it’s set before his live-action debut in Captain America: Civil War.

It’ll get a second season titled Spider-Man: Sophomore Year.

The show should answer some of our questions about the web slinger’s early days, like the circumstances of the spider bite that gave him his powers and the existence of MCU Uncle Ben. It’ll also see him encountering villains like Chameleon, Doctor Octopus, Scorpion, Rhino, Speed Demon and Tarantula. The show will also introduce the MCU versions of Norman and Harry Osborn.

Doc Ock, Norman and Scorpion are fascinating inclusions, since Spidey ran into an alternate universe’s Ock and Norman in No Way Home, and Scorpion’s comic book alter ego Mac Gargan showed up in Homecoming. Our hero will also team up with Daredevil, who’ll be voiced by Charlie Cox, much earlier in the timeline than their civilian identities’ encounter

The series was among the Marvel shows announced during last November’s Disney Plus Day. Also revealed during Friday’s Marvel animation panel were release windows for What If…? season 2, Marvel Zombies and X-Men ’97, along with a trailer for I Am Groot.